Birth is special and unpredictable every time. No matter what! Whether it’s your 1st, 2nd or 12th baby, every birth is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
— Riverdale Doula

Heather is "Mommy" to three precious little ones (born in 2008, 2010 and 2017), "Honey" to her overly affectionate husband and a lover of all things relaxing and emotionally centering. Her personal experiences of birth and motherhood helped Heather realize the importance of women feeling nurtured, respected and informed throughout their childbearing year, and the beautiful ways this benefits the entire family. She believes that a relaxed mind supports a relaxed body, and an easier birth experience overall. Being a mom is Heather’s most cherished role and she is so excited for her clients as they are born into the club!

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Hiring Heather was the best decision I made during my pregnancy. Without her expertise and consummate support, I firmly believe that I would not have been able to have a natural, low intervention hospital birth. She was a great resource early on as we searched for childbirth classes, birthing centers and healthcare providers. As my due date approached, she was very responsive and very helpful in offering advice and support as I went past my due date. During labor, she was was a calming presence and brought a tremendous amount of knowledge and assistance when my husband and I inevitably forgot many of the techniques we learned in our Bradley course. Heather took a lot of time to get to know me and my husband and understand what was important to us. And most importantly, from our very first conversation, Heather really listened. She took the time to really hear my story, my goals and concerns early on. As we encountered the inevitable hiccups in the birth process, she made herself available without fail, offering a very realistic and empathetic assessment of all that we encountered. Heather made me feel like she really understood what I was experiencing and always found a way to validate my feelings. I cannot recommend her enough!" — Tonya

"It was wonderful to work with Heather. Meeting with her during the prenatal period helped us to prepare for labor and delivery and what to expect during the postpartum period. She tailors her support to exactly what you need most. Heather was a great support during the stress of labor and helped me to get through labor pains. She really helped us to think through possible interventions during our induction and supported our decisions during labor. Our labor experience was much better because of Heather! I cannot thank her enough." — Dana 


"Heather was a warm, helpful, and calming presence during the birth of my daughter, Emi. She was very responsive to texts, emails, and phone calls before,during, and after labor and was very mindful of how she could best help our family. Although my birth plan did not go as anticipated, she provided support, advice, and advocated for me, my baby, and my husband. We will never forget Heather and all the love and kindness she provided to us on one of the most memorable days of our lives. We would highly recommend Heather to anyone looking for an experienced doula." — Laura

"Heather supported me for my second birth, which was a VBAC. I  didn’t have a doula with my first birth. This time I wanted to labor at home as long as possible to increase my chance of a successful VBAC. In our early meetings Heather helped to brainstorm ideas for what to do with our son, ways to prepare. She helped us think about what we would want. She was available to answer questions. During labor Heather helped me focus on breathing, helped my husband with massage and back pressure, she helped me to find comfortable positions but also to slowly increase pressure to move my labor along. She was calm and caring, gentle. She was able to help guide our decision about when to go to the hospital and we arrived just as my water broke. She was also very supportive in the hospital as well and I delayed an epidural for several hours. I only got one in the end for a minor procedure to help me dilate faster just before the baby was born. We thought Heather was a great help and I know I stayed home longer than I could have without her.” — Colleen

"I am so happy we chose Heather as our doula! Not only was she helpful and supportive during the labor and delivery but was also a reliable and informed partner to us before and after or son was born." — Kate

"Most women hire a doula to help them have a birthing experience that is as close as possible to their ideal, and Heather did a wonderful job of listening to me in our initial visits to help me be as pro-active as possible about making my vision a reality. But it turns out that having a doula can be even MORE important when things take a sharp turn away from what you had hoped.  In my case, my labor progressed so rapidly that we had to call 911. By the time the ambulance arrived, I was already pushing and the EMTs were forced to deliver my son, unexpectedly, at home.  I am so grateful that Heather was with us throughout this ordeal.  First, she was able to recognize that we did not have time to make it to the hospital-- I am not sure my husband and I would have understood that and I might have ended up delivering my son in a cab.  Secondly, despite the chaos and intensity of the moment, she was reassuring and calm.  This helped me stay calm so that I could focus my enery on what needed to be done.  And although it is outside the scope of practice for a doula to deliver a baby herself (the EMTs had to do it despite having no experience), Heather was able to give all of us support and guidance to make sure that both my baby and I stayed safe.  At the hospital, Heather stayed with me and my husband went with our son to the NICU.  Without Heather, I would have been alone during those first scary hours.  She listened to my fears, held my hand, provided reassurance, and maintained her calm and loving presence.  Today, our son is happy and healthy.  You would never know how much drama surrounded his arrival!  But things could have turned out very differently without Heather.  The odds are really slim that your story will be like mine!  But unexpected things can and do happen, and if they happen to you, you will be thankful to have Heather at your side.  I recommended her wholeheartedly." — Renya

"Having Heather as my doula was the best decision I made. From the very first phone call with her, she put me at ease and helped alleviate the anxiety I was experiencing regarding the birth. She helped me to clarify what I wanted, and then helped to connect me to a midwife practice that was more in line with the birth experience I was looking for. When I went into labor she was in constant contact with me via text and came over as soon as I needed her and rode with us to the hospital. When we got there I found out I needed an immediate c-section so the whole birth plan went out the window, but Heather stayed and helped to keep me calm and from feeling overwhelmed. She followed up with me afterwards several times over the phone and in person, and that support and guidance were crucial. Having Heather as my doula meant I had a positive birth experience despite the unexpected and I already know I want her to be at my next birth. Her knowledge, encouragement, and support made her an essential part of my birth team and I would highly recommend her." — Rabecca


"Heather changed the entire trajectory of my birthing experience. Without Heather's guidance, support and expertise I would have never been able to get through my labor with my 2nd child. My first labor was extremely difficult with an epidural that did not work, severe back labor and ultimately a vaginal birth with vacum and episotimy after 27 hours of labor. For my second pregnancy I wanted to have a doula. Heather provided much needed guidance with regard to medications, induction, epidural and the pitocin. With Heather's support, I was able to labor with almost no pain while on Pitocin for 9 out of the 12 hours of my labor. Unfortunately, I decided to get the epidural when the pain began, and unfortunately it did not work again (This only occurs in 5-10% of women). Since I could feel everything I was able to get into various positions with Heather's guidance and coaching. Heather and my husband worked as hard as I did though my active labor by positioning and physically supporting my body during contractions. During contraction breaks, I would hear Heather in my ear whispering words of encouragement, calmly reassuring me when I felt I could not continue, and helping me breathe when I wanted to quit. Heather also encouraged my husband to support me phsyically and emotionally when he was not sure how to help. Post partum, Heather brought her warmth and empathic attunement each and everytime. I texted her after my delivery with nursing quesitons and she was there immedately with answers, support and belief in my ability to do what I felt I could not do. Heather provided me with much more than I ever expected. Her demeanor was perfectly aligned with what I needed and she knew exactly how to handle herself in the face of a stressful environment with doctors, nurses, an anxious husband and a screaming pregnant woman. She is extraordinary." — Kelly

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"Heather was wonderful during my son's labor and delivery. She talked me through the entire process as soon as I realized I was in labor, came over and kept me calm and comfortable in the car on the way to the hospital. She was amazing and supportive to me while in the hospital, and my family loved having her there as well. She is an outstanding doula with a very nurturing demeanor, and gave me the confidence and support I needed from our very first meeting all the way up to the birth of my new little boy!" — Lesley


"Honestly, we weren't sure if we were going to work with a doula. But once we met Heather, we knew we wanted her support as we prepared for (and went through) labor. I'm so glad we had her with us! Her thoughtful, down-to-earth, warm demeanor put us at ease right away. She really listened to us; we'd gone through a stressful pregnancy and were facing labor with a fair amount of anxiety. She was both accepting of where we were in the moment, and reassuring as she helped us work through our plans, with a focus on emotional as well as physical needs. What I liked most about Heather's approach is that it was totally tailored to us: with no judgment whatsoever, she helped us figure out what our issues, needs and preferences were, and together we discussed ways to handle situations that might arise. Of course, labor turned out to be nothing like we'd imagined, but Heather was unfazed--she adapted everything on the fly, provided practical assistance with pain management (and the chaos of racing from apartment to cab to hospital!) and helped ground me during some extremely panicky moments. We also hired her for three post-partum visits once we came home; this assistance was wonderful in those challenging first days. Looking back on our experience, we simply feel fortunate that we connected with Heather--you will too." — Mary


"Heather was a match made in heaven for me, my husband and little Antonio. Throughout my pregnancy she was always available to address my varied concerns relating to my prenatal care. She took special care to ensure my husband and I felt comfortable discussing our birth plan and worries. Unfortunately, I ended up needing an emergency c - section and my entire birth plan went out the window, but Heather was a rock throughout the entire experience and saw to my comfort to the best of her abilities. I was very exhausted from the initial time spent laboring and she took it upon herself to try to minimize the interruptions so I could catch what rest I could. She was a vigilant advocate and a sympathetic shoulder throughout it all. I was very blessed to have her by my side. I found her to be an intelligent and perceptive woman and am thankful to her for her sincere care. I highly recommend her to anyone searching for a compassionate, knowledgeable doula." — Xenia

"Heather was fantastic. She honestly made the experience so pleasant. She has a very calm and soothing way about her. This was my second delivery; the first ended up being a cesarean after a very long labor and my goal was to have a VBAC. So I reached out to her to get the support I need since my family is in Canada and I don't have a strong support network. She was available for me for questions during the pregnancy and provided me with materials and resources to prepare me. She also attended a couple of mu hypno birthing classes. When I went into labor she was there for me 110%. I had a long labor again and it was such a relief for us to have her there at each step. I ended up having a successful VBAC and I don't think I could have done it with out her support and encouragement. My husband says she was always there, never left our side. kept us in the right state of mind and focused on the goal. She felt like my family. I would highly recommend her."  — Amal

"I am so blessed that the universe sent Heather to be a part of my birthing team. I can't imagine anyone else in her place. While she is a newer doula, she is very knowledgable, and was able to draw on and share a lot of her own personal experiences with me during my pregnancy. During my labor Heather was the there holding my hand and caring for me in the most beautiful way. She was able to find a graceful balance between being in the space without being too aggressive. Her confidence and knowledge was also very apparent in the way that my midwife included Heather is some major decision making during the labor.  My family and I are grateful to have had Heather as a part of our birth story.  I hope to use her again in the future!" — Marie


"During our doula search, my husband and I were advised by friends to find someone we felt comfortable with, regardless of experience level. We found Heather on NYC Doula Collective and both agreed she was warm, reassuring and friendly after the first meeting, all qualities we wanted in a woman who would accompany us during the birth of our first child. Her approach is one of mental preparedness as much as physical, and we knew that fearing the unknown and feeling overwhelmed by thoughts of what lay ahead during labor might be too much for me and scare me into unnecessary medical interventions. Heather emphasized the importance of keeping calm, suppressing fear, and focusing on the present during labor, all things that were so very important when I went into labor at 35 weeks! When I first had signs of prelabor, it calmed me to talk through my dr's opinions with her. And though I was already in the hospital being monitored and on an IV when I went into labor, she helped me make the best of the situation. Those things I expected to be encumbrances were not on my mind during my labor. Heather arrived in my delivery room a few hours after I started feeling contractions and her calming presence and soft touch and voice immediately relaxed me, mid-contraction. My husband and I both felt reassured that a natural birth would be possible once she was guiding us through labor. She suggested several changes of position and I immediately knew labor was progressing in each change we made. I believe my labor would have lasted many hours longer if Heather had not been with us, in fact my son was born less than two hours from the time she arrived! I've recommended Heather to several friends since and was so happy to be her sixth birth attended! Now that she has had many more birth experiences, I can only recommend her even more wholeheartedly! The time she spent with us after delivery and in the postpartum home visit was not only a valuable resource but a pleasure." — Marisa