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As you plan for your birth, you might find yourself reflecting on other people's birth stories or your own previous birth experiences. You may have feelings of anticipation or uncertainty because you want to have a positive birth experience but aren’t sure how to achieve it. There’s so much to think about! Yet many of us lack the all important “village” of support to help us figure it out and put our minds at ease… Riverdale Doula would be honored and excited to be a part of YOUR village throughout your childbearing year! So let’s work together to help you have a great birth.

** Prices listed below are current as of 2019. Please inquire about special rates for families living in the communities of Riverdale and Yonkers. Sliding scale and flexible payment plans available for families in need.**

Virtual Doula

Just a video chat, phone call or text away any time of day or night

Just a video chat, phone call or text away any time of day or night

Such a cool option! Virtual Doula is the perfect combination of childbirth education, birth planning, virtual labor support and virtual breastfeeding support.. All just a call away and in the comfort of your own home! Virtual Doula is a great option for people who don’t plan to have a doula attend their birth, but want the benefit of having access to a really experienced birth doula throughout their pregnancy, during labor (this is big!) and postpartum.

With the Virtual Doula package, you’ll have easy access to getting your birthy questions answered 24/7. Riverdale Doula will be on-call for virtual support anytime of day or night from the date of hire, through your birth and up until 6 weeks postpartum. This is super exciting because many women have lots of questions as they get closer to labor.. “What is normal? When can I expect labor to start? Is what I’m feeling really contractions? What can my partner do to keep me comfortable? When should we go to the hospital?” Then once you’re at the hospital the questions really begin! Riverdale Doula will stick with you, answering all your texts and phone calls over night, coaching and empowering you through your birth experience! (Disclaimer if Riverdale Doula is at the labor of a Traditional or Full Service Doula client at the time of your outreach, she must give priority to the client she is with in person but will respond to you asap!)

Virtual Doula includes 1 in-person prenatal meeting, which is a hybrid between childbirth education and a birth planning meeting. It is specific to your birth! You will talk about all the usual childbirth ed stuff (ie. The importance of the mind/body connection, the physiology of birth and stages of labor, comfort measures for labor, comfort strategies for the partner, pushing techniques, hospital protocols, interventions, and how to best prevent cesarean section, etc...) but also work through your labor and postpartum plans/preferences. There’s a lot to talk about and Riverdale Doula loves getting into the details, so bring your questions!

Cost: $1000

Traditional Doula

With you every step of the way

With you every step of the way

Riverdale Doula’s Traditional Doula package includes everything in the Virtual Doula package PLUS the commitment of in-person on-call support starting at 37 weeks through your birth AND one postpartum visit, usually within the first 2 weeks after birth.

Traditional Doula recognizes that continuous in-person support throughout the active phase of labor, birth and immediately postpartum makes a HUGE difference in a woman’s perception of her labor and her level of satisfaction with her birth experience. Labor unfolds most efficiently when women feel safe and relaxed, so Riverdale Doula will spend the prenatal period helping you feel ready and excited for your birth. Birth can be a positive experience, regardless of it’s medical course.. The key is feeling connected and trusting enough to be open to the experience! You will learn about your options and preferences regarding labor, birth and postpartum. Various pain management and relaxation techniques are helpful to women in labor and you will explore them all.

You will get to the other side of this birth, and Riverdale Doula would be honored to hold your hand through it!

Cost: $2200

Full service doula

Supporting you in the transition to new parenthood

Supporting you in the transition to new parenthood

The Full Service Doula package includes everything in the Traditional Doula package + 3 additional postpartum visits to your home. The postpartum period is such a unique and precious bubble in time! Good support is essential in helping mom, baby and the whole family transition smoothly into new parenthood. Riverdale Doula offers compassionate and patient companionship as you recover from childbirth, get the hang of feeding, and learn how to manage your new life with baby. You will receive evidence-based support on breastfeeding, pumping and formula feeding (or any combination thereof) to help you feel empowered and reassured in your parenting. It is so important that parents feel confident following their own intuition as the expert of their babies!  You will learn tips about reading baby's cues to make it easier to to respond to baby’s needs, which has so many benefits and helps build tons of confidence. Riverdale Doula also loves cooking, babywearing and playing with older sibling(s) so she can bring those activities to your home if you’d like.

New parenthood is amazing! And cozy! But it really does take a village, and this Full Service Doula Package ensures that Riverdale Doula will be a part of yours.

Hours of availability - Weekdays between the hours of 9am-2:30pm

Cost: $2700

Additional home visits can always be purchased as needed. Extra prenatal visits might include more indepth childbirth education or to attend a class with you. Additional postpartum visits are usually requested for breastfeeding consults, general postpartum support, or to attend a ceremonial event with you (ie for support at a bris)

Cost: $150 for up to 2 hours, $50/hr each additional hour