Planning for the birth of your baby is an important and exciting undertaking, so it's really helpful to have evidence-based information and practical support in the months or weeks leading up to the big event. To help you get ready, I offer individualized childbirth preparation sessions in the comfort of your own home. I'll provide you with information that will help you feel prepared for and optimistic about your upcoming birth because feeling relaxed contributes to a more  pleasant and empowering birth experience. Topics include:

- The importance of the mind/body connection in labor

- The physiology of birth & stages of labor

- Comfort measures for labor & pushing techniques

- Building your birth team & creating a birth plan that is right for you

- Hospital protocols, interventions, and how to best prevent cesarean section

- Feeding education & exploring your options for breastfeeding, pumping and bottle feeding

- Postpartum preparation and planning

- Preparing older siblings and working them into your birth plan

Rate: $325/couple 

*Group rates available

*Package deals including birth doula services &/or postpartum support available