It is Riverdale Doula’s honor to offer you unconditional, evidence-based, compassionate support to help you feel confident in your birth and journey to parenthood.


  • Complimentary meet & greet .. We’ll get to know eachother to see if we’re a good fit! (either by phone, Skype or in person)

  • 1 (or 2) prenatal meetings .. Each meeting is usually 1-2 hours, depending on how chatty we get. We’ll talk about anything and everything that’s on your mind leading up to your birth. My philosophy is that demystifying the physiology of birth helps people feel less nervous about it, so we’ll practice being welcoming of the sensations of labor as a sign of being closer to birth. We will explore strategies to help curb anxiety by exploring your personal strengths in coping with stress and the strengths in your relationship with your partner. We’ll talk through practical solutions to your concerns and answer all your questions about hospital protocols. You will learn about your options and preferences regarding labor, birth and postpartum. Various pain management and relaxation techniques are helpful to women in labor and we will explore them all to see what works for you!

  • On-call “virtually” 24/7 from date of hire through 6 weeks postpartum via text/phone/Skype .. I’m available to answer all your questions throughout pregnancy and the early days of breastfeeding and adjusting to life with baby. I’m happy to be available at all strange hours of night!

  • On-call “in person” 24/7 from week 37 until you give birth .. The commitment of being on-call to join you in labor starting at 37 weeks through your birth.

  • Continuous labor support .. I’ll join you at home or hospital (your preference) around the active phase of labor through your birth and immediately postpartum. We will work together to use various coping techniques to help you labor most comfortably. I offer suggestions for position changes, lots of positive encouragement, comforting touch, support and guidance to your partner, informational support so you can relax into labor without concern for logistics, essential oils for aromatherapy, distraction and humor, to name a few. I stay for about 2 hours after birth to help support you in the immediate postbirth procedures and to support you and your baby get that initial latch.

  • 1 postpartum visit .. Usually within the first 2 weeks after birth. If you are having problems breastfeeding or with your own healing in any way, I will prioritize a visit to be held sooner.

    Cost: $2300 **sliding scale starting at $1500 and flexible payment plans are available. Please do not hesitate to reach out due to financial constraints! Every family who wants a doula deserves to have one, so if you think we’d be a good match let’s connect to work out a personalized plan**


3 postpartum visits. Compassionate and patient companionship as you recover from childbirth, get the hang of feeding, and learn how to manage your new life with baby. Receive evidence-based support on breastfeeding, pumping and formula feeding (or any combination thereof) to help you feel empowered and reassured in your parenting. It is so important that parents feel confident following their own intuition as the expert of their babies!  Learn tips about reading baby's cues to make it easier to respond to baby’s needs, which has so many benefits and helps build tons of confidence. I also love cooking, babywearing and playing with older sibling(s) so we can do those things together too.

Hours of availability - Weekdays between the hours of 9am-2:30pm (some evening hours available)

Cost: $600


The perfect combination of childbirth education, birth planning, virtual labor support and virtual breastfeeding support.. All just a call away and in the comfort of your own home. A great option for people who don’t plan to have a doula attend their birth, but want the benefit of having access to a really experienced birth doula throughout their pregnancy, during labor and postpartum.

  • On-call “virtually” 24/7 from date of hire through 6 weeks postpartum via text/phone/Skype .. I will be on-call for you anytime of day or night from the date of hire. I will stick with you, answering your texts and phone calls during labor, coaching and empowering you through your birth and early parenting experience.

  • 1 in-person prenatal meeting .. A hybrid between childbirth education and a birth planning meeting. It is specific to your birth! We will talk about all the usual childbirth ed stuff (ie. The importance of the mind/body connection, the physiology of birth and stages of labor, comfort measures for labor, comfort strategies for the partner, pushing techniques, hospital protocols, interventions, and how to best prevent cesarean section, etc...) but also work through your labor and postpartum plans/preferences. There’s a lot to talk about so bring your questions!

Cost: $400

individualized Coaching

Home visits can be purchased for these services:

  • Private childbirth education (2 sessions recommended)

  • Birth planning session

  • Breastfeeding consultation

  • New parent and baby care coaching

  • Attend a class, ceremonial event (ie a bris) or a doctor’s appointment with you

  • Back-to-Work planning session

Cost: $200 for up to 3 hours